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Hi all! I'm a self-contained special education teacher from sunny Arizona! I teach k-3rd grade students with Down Syndrome, Developmental Delays, Cerebral Palsy and everything in between. I have a passion for organization, lists, and creating hands on activities for my learners!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

How I'm Stepping Up My Mom/Housekeeper Game This Summer

I'll put it out there--- I am NOT a good housekeeper. I am always playing catch-up with my chores instead of staying ahead of the eight ball. I am forgetful. I NEED HELP.

What motivated me to make a change? My daughter has her dance recital on Saturday. (She's only 2.5 so she could care less, but it will be a cuteness overload). Her dress rehearsal was last Wednesday- a whole week and a half before the performance. Does the teacher really think a group of 2-3 year olds will remember a routine after 10 ten with no practice? Anyway, I digress... Tuesday roles around and the peanut and I go to the dancewear store to pick up the very specific shade of tights she needs for the recital. A day AHEAD of schedule. Check me out. Now, it's Wednesday night. The peanut is getting her bath and getting ready for bed.      Wait.       Wasn't there something I was supposed to do today? OH CRAP!! No, we did not make it to the rehearsal. Why? I forgot it. I always forget. I blame it on my thyroid disorder, but that's another story.  I immediately text her dance teacher and apologize up and down. She promised that it was okay, but I felt terrible. I immediately knew that I had to get a handle on my home life. 

The next morning I set out to get this business organized and like any good teacher would do, I made lists. Multiple lists, a calendar, and a schedule.  I've read that it takes 27 or something days for something to become a habit, so I'm getting starting now. When school is back in session, it should be engrained in my routine. Fingers crossed. Here's what I came up with:

  1.  Calendars-- I finally got one of those big family calendars that I publicly mocked but silently envied on pinterest. It's hanging in our kitchen and it. is. huge. Don't worry, the recital is on there in bright red, bold letters. I included all of the due dates for our monthly bills, too.
  2. Cleaning Schedule-- Seriously, I hate the thought of having a cleaning schedule, but I need something to keep me accountable. I am finding that I really like knowing that everything will get done. It kinda takes the pressure off. I created 3 schedules:
    1. Daily schedule: Dishes, Kitchen Counters, 10- Minute Tidy Up
    2. Saturday: Daily tasks, Laundry, Sweep/Mop
    3. Sunday: Daily tasks, bathrooms, vacuum, dust
  3. I'm entertaining the idea of a monthly or deep cleaning schedule too, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
  4. Meal Planning-- We've been meal planning since March when we decided to take the Gluten Free plunge. I LOOOOVE meal planning. Something about it makes me feel so productive. And, let me tell you, it makes grocery shopping with a toddler so much easier. We get in and out of the store fast, my aimless wandering of the aisles and gross overspending has greatly decreased.  Another plus is that it gets rid of the "what's for dinner?" question from the hubs every night. Read the fancy calendar, man!

So, friends, this is my goal for the summer. Get my house in tip top shape. Do you have any non-school goals this summer?

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