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Hi all! I'm a self-contained special education teacher from sunny Arizona! I teach k-3rd grade students with Down Syndrome, Developmental Delays, Cerebral Palsy and everything in between. I have a passion for organization, lists, and creating hands on activities for my learners!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Morning Work

In my most humble opinion, Morning Work is essential for a few reasons:
1. Its there, ready to go, every morning... consistency is key. It is predictable and helps mornings feel a little less hectic.
2. It sets a standard of work. When Morning Mork is set on the desk BEFORE the students arrive, it sets an expectation of work immediately as the students enter the classroom. I am at school. There is work for me on my desk. I am here to work.
3. It reviews multiple skills.
4. Its a mini daily assessment.

Long story short, I love Morning Work. This is one of the sheets I use with my lower kiddos. They need some hand over hand assistance to trace purposefully:
This is one of the sheets I use with my higher kiddos . We are getting away from hand over hand with most and some can trace independently now!

Both of these (and more!) are available on my TPT site

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