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Hi all! I'm a self-contained special education teacher from sunny Arizona! I teach k-3rd grade students with Down Syndrome, Developmental Delays, Cerebral Palsy and everything in between. I have a passion for organization, lists, and creating hands on activities for my learners!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sensory Boxes

I would like to share a new love... Sensory Boxes! I admittedly haven't used a whole lot of sensory tools in class this year. We have a cool down kit with theraputty, a weighted blanket, a soft toy and an exercise ball, but that is about it. I have been looking for ways to add more sensory experiences to our day. We have been working on extending our time we can tolerate each of our academic centers. We started the year at 6 minutes per center MAX... not very effective for academics, but they are kinders and the transition from preschool can be hard. By the end of the first quarter we were at 10 minutes. Progress, but I knew they could do more! Towards the end of the second quarter, we could tolerate about 13 minutes. Over break I did some thinking and deciding on sensory breaks during centers, We don't have any independent centers, so I was able to put together some really fun sensory boxes without worry about kiddos dumping rice all over the place. I went to the dollar store and picked up rice, beans, feathers, marbles, army men, alphabet blocks, silly putty, tops, and other small toys. I filled up clear plastic bins with it all. I made 6 boxes (2 for each center) for about $40. The most expensive box by far was the theraputty box. I got 3 new tubs of theraputty in a variety of strengths, some bubber and silly putty.

We started using the boxes when we cam back from winter break. We do 15 minutes of work, play with the Sensory Boxes for 2 minutes, and then do 15 more minutes of work at the same center. 27 minutes per center! Now that the kiddos are getting used to the system, they are working so hard! The boxes are very motivating and give a good release. I can't wait to make more!

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